The Gallery is a unique space for contemporary artists to showcase their work throughout the year. From colourful pop art to edgy street art, intriguing portrait series to documentary formats, this public gallery gives space to varying styles of modern art, as well as exciting events throughout the year.

The Gallery can also be hired exclusively for private events whether you’re planning a grand private dinner, brand launch, exciting Q&A, or celebratory drinks reception.

Currently on display

Currently on display:


Street Love I A mix-medium show featuring a group of artists who all have a particular, but often varied link to art made on the streets. Artists who graduated from art academy that started exploring their creative path while hitting the streets with spray cans. Creative photographers with a passion for raw textures and capturing the most iconic street sceneries. Illustrators and designers who love to get away from their sketchbook and computers and create stunning work on the streets. And well-established artists that showcase their art in galleries all over the globe, but still embrace their first love, the streets. It’s their personal translation from their own creative path that made them the artists that they are today. Street Love brings a collection of artworks from seven artists showcasing their current level of skills. Sometimes with a clear link to the streets and sometimes requiring the imagination of the viewer to take over.

Artist line-up: Marije Maria, FELEON, Ravian Derriere, Potato and Onion, Luis Sanchez, Ali C. Ambriz, Bondage Bunny.

art’otel Gallery, art’otel Amsterdam, Prins Hendrikkade 33.

@artotel #myartotel @amsterdamstreetart

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