ARCA Behind the Pass x Jonathan Zandbergen

September 11, 2022

ARCA Behind the Pass x Jonathan Zandbergen


On 11th September, join Henrique Sá Pessoa & Hotel Merlet’s Jonathan Zandbergen at ARCA for a night of casual fine fun dining, as Henrique challenges Jonathan in the first edition of ARCA’s Behind the Pass series of exciting chef collaborations!

Expect an exciting evening with 2 Chefs, 8 ingredients, 8 courses and 8 wines, starting at 18.30 with a warm welcome from the chefs and guests seated shortly after.

Henrique will choose four of his favourite Portuguese ingredients with which Jonathan must craft 4 dishes, before challenging Henrique & the ARCA team to do the same, using Jonathan’s favourite Dutch products to create the remaining four courses of this special menu. The result? A memorable 8 course dining experience and unique journey through the best of Dutch & Portuguese cuisine. And what’s more, Jonathan’s dishes will be paired with Portuguese wines and Henrique’s courses with Dutch wines to really turn those taste buds on their heads!

Join us at 6PM at ARCA Bar for a welcome drink, canapés and chance to mingle with the chefs, before sitting down in the restaurant for the main event. Are you ready to join us behind the pass for the ultimate chef challenge?!

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ARCA: Behind the Pass

For one night only, join Henrique Sá Pessoa & Hotel Merlet’s, Jonathan Zandbergen at ARCA: Behind the Pass!

Expect a night of casual fine fun dining as each chef challenges one another to create four dishes each from four of their favourite homeland ingredients, resulting in an unforgettable showcase of the best of Portuguese and Dutch cuisine with wine pairings to match!