New Summer Menu at ARCA

June 25, 2024

New Summer Menu at ARCA

Celebrate ARCA’s new summer dishes as well as introducing new signature dishes from Pastry chef Margarita Pugovka, the brains behind the award-wnning Cauliflower Tat (Gault Millau Dessert of the Year 2024.)


This is a dish made with baby squid, prawns, white wine, tomato chutney. One of Henrique’s most iconic plates, not per se typical Portuguese, however an amazing combination of Mediterranean ingredients and flavours.


A completely new signature dish on the menu, it’s as tasty as it is pretty! Seared scallops, green pea purée, bacon, and cumin pil-pil combined. The scallops are cured with kombu (seaweed) and the foam is created from fish broth and cumin olive oil. A very well-balanced dish, where the delicate scallops and fresh peas (crafted carefully to maintain flavour & colour) are enhanced further by the crispy and sweet bacon.


This perfectly seasonal dish is made with seared asparagus, rice, and Azores island cheese. Unlike traditional risottos, we don’t use butter to cook with the rice, we create our own bechamel from Azores cheese for added flavour and decadence. Simmered in a homemade soup of potato, onion & leek which is blended with asparagus puree.


This is one of the most emblematic plates of Portugal and is set to likely be one of ARCA’s most popular new plates. Showcasing a delightful combination of the most tender octopus, roasted to perfection and drizzled with a generous amount of olive oil. The term “à lagareiro” refers to a style of cooking that involves using large amounts of olive oil, similar to how olive oil producers (lagareiros) might use it. Our twist is that we use Piquillo pepper – which is Spanish – to bring both a sweetness and smokiness. And the dish is also normally made with “smashed” potato, but we use sweet mashed potato, resulting in a well balanced dish, with an unforgettable finish.


Spicy chicken dish – it is the most traditional way in Portugal to cook chicken, known for its vibrant and spicy flavors. It’s served with simple homemade chilli oil, grilled lemon Portuguese cabbage with lemon sauce and potato terrine.

“CALDEIRADA” by Margarita

With caldeirada normally a seafood dish, this is a brand new out-of-the box dessert by pastry chef Margarita Pugovka – the brainchild behind ARCA’s award-winning desserts (Gault Millau Dessert of the Year 2024). This “caldeirada” granita is made with red bell pepper, tomato, potato, cilantro (without onion and garlic – how the seafood caldeirada is made). It’s served with raspberry cremeux, olive oil cake, red bell pepper mouse, and tomato water. Inspired by creating a unique dessert based on caldeirada – one of Margarita’s favourite savoury dishes.


Translated as “coffee with a smell” traditionally in Portugal it’s a shot of espresso with an alcoholic beverage and usually with Portuguese cognac. This dessert is crafted with barley parfait, whisky caramel sauce, chocolate air bubbles and coffee foam. Finished tableside for the ultimate experience.

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Inspired by the theme of Signature Artist Atelier Van Lieshout’s striking art collection, our Signature Cocktail menu celebrates the Course of Life – a multi-sensory symphony of memories, emotions, and experiences that together span a lifetime.