Launch Night: ARCA’s New Bar Menu

June 6, 2024

Launch Night: ARCA’s New Bar Menu

Join us after work on June 6th to celebrate the official launch of the new ARCA Bar menu with live music, delicious cocktails & snacks.

The new bar menu, created with the perfect mix of nibbles and petiscos, naughty sandos, classics and sweets made perfect for sharing, include the traditional Pan Con Tomate with toasted sourdough topped with garlic and ripe tomato for a burst of flavour, or the La Bomba de Verduras, a crispy vegetable bomb with a savoury aioli and spicy salsa brava sauce, and the Cuttlefish Tempura fried to perfection for a zesty bite.

Each of our eight meticulously crafted cocktails tells a story, evoking nostalgic milestones and reviving the essence of those unforgettable moments. From the first taste of adventure to the comforting embrace of familiarity, let your senses be transported through time with every sip. First on the cocktail menu is ‘Early Years‘ – relive the carefree days of childhood with a playful blend of fruity flavours and a touch of effervescence. This drink is a joyful tribute to the simple pleasures and boundless imagination of youth, or First Date, a romantic blend of floral and berry notes, this cocktail evokes the intoxicating feeling of first love. Delicate yet bold, it captures the heart-fluttering excitement of newfound affection. Enjoy exploring the menu as it takes you on a journey down memory lane!

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Inspired by the theme of Signature Artist Atelier Van Lieshout’s striking art collection, our Signature Cocktail menu celebrates the Course of Life – a multi-sensory symphony of memories, emotions, and experiences that together span a lifetime.